I love Visual Studio Code. I love the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Ever since I had to do Python development, I use the WSL for almost all of my non-.NET work: PHP, Python, Typescript/Node.js. That means running Visual Studio Code in Windows, but running the program in Linux. Up until now, I was missing one important feature: debugging support. Luckily, there’s an extension now. Previously, I had to “debug” by adding console.log statements everywhere. Needless to say, this is

Last week, Microsoft released Visual Studio Code, a light-weight but powerful editor for all sorts of languages. It’s very similar to Atom or Sublime, or even Brackets. I’ve used all four of these, and up until now, I like Visual Studio Code the most, although I can’t say this is based on a real study of these editors. I found Brackets to be a little buggy, but that’s some months ago, so it may have improved by now. Sublime is