The situation is simple: we need to send messages to another system the developers of the other system need documentation on the layout of these messages this is a company-specific protocol (no JSON or anything standard, because we’re talking to old Fortran machines here) naturally, the documentation is made in Word files Taking an example from a session I saw at ngEurope, I decided we might be better off auto-generating this documentation. Keeping Word files in sync with the evolving

So you want to make a quick-and-dirty application to test something? And you start and hack away? And it starts looking fairly good? And suddenly it stops working? Here’s a pro-tip: CTRL-Z. For the more down-to-earth devs: use a source control system. I find myself using it more and more, even for mini-projects: from small proof-of-concepts to a static, HTML-only website for a friend. I can strongly advise you to download TortoiseHg and get started. Then, next time you fire