Poor man’s (or woman’s) code signing and auto-updating a Silverlight OOB XAP

To get Windows to trust your code (in my case a Silverlight Out-of-Browser XAP file), you need to sign it with a certificate. With a Silverlight OOB app, this makes the difference when installing between seeing this: or this: Also, trusted applications can automatically update themselves (when adding the necessary code of course) while untrusted […]

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Silverlight DataTemplateSelector solution

Silverlight doesn’t have any DataTemplateSelectors, which is too bad. If you want to choose a different template based on certain properties of the object you’re binding to, you have to use a work-around. Jeremy Likness has a rather extensive solution, but I found Timmy Kokke’s way to be more light-weight. Basically, just make a new […]

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