If you’re developing an application that needs to use Twitter, you’ll most likely have to authenticate in order to post tweets. If you’re using C#, you can use TweetSharp. However, I found it doesn’t really work for Windows Phone, in particular because the GetRequestToken method is missing. This is not to say the work Daniel Crenna is bad, far from it. But for a Windows Phone app I’m developing I needed to authenticate with Twitter. And finally, TweetSharp is no

To get Windows to trust your code (in my case a Silverlight Out-of-Browser XAP file), you need to sign it with a certificate. With a Silverlight OOB app, this makes the difference when installing between seeing this: or this: Also, trusted applications can automatically update themselves (when adding the necessary code of course) while untrusted ones can’t. That’s when you get the following error: “Cannot update application, the installed application and update candidate differ in certificate/signature state.” To avoid this

Silverlight doesn’t have any DataTemplateSelectors, which is too bad. If you want to choose a different template based on certain properties of the object you’re binding to, you have to use a work-around. Jeremy Likness has a rather extensive solution, but I found Timmy Kokke’s way to be more light-weight. Basically, just make a new class that inherits from ContentControl, override its OnContentChanged method and set its ContentTemplate property to the template you need: public class PersonNameDataTemplateSelector : ContentControl {     protected override void OnContentChanged(object oldContent, object newContent)