I’m mainly doing javascript in my free time, but at work, it’s still classic .NET. Yesterday, I had to quickly set up a REST service via WCF to test something. In the spirit of saving my keystrokes, and for my own later reference, I’m posting how to do it here, instead of emailing it. I’m assuming you have an existing WCF service. Just add the following to your ServiceContract (you’ll need a reference to System.ServiceModel.Web): [OperationContract] [WebGet(UriTemplate = “{id}”, ResponseFormat

In my previous post, I described how to authenticate your Windows Phone app to Twitter, without using TweetSharp. Now that we’re set up, posting a status to Twitter is fairly easy (see below, after code for posting photo). But posting a photo is a little more challenging. Once again, we’ll be using the Hammock library by Daniel Crenna.First, we need to set a few things up: var twitterUser = new TwitterUserQuery().Get(); _credentials = new OAuthCredentials { Type = OAuthType.ProtectedResource, SignatureMethod

If you’re developing an application that needs to use Twitter, you’ll most likely have to authenticate in order to post tweets. If you’re using C#, you can use TweetSharp. However, I found it doesn’t really work for Windows Phone, in particular because the GetRequestToken method is missing. This is not to say the work Daniel Crenna is bad, far from it. But for a Windows Phone app I’m developing I needed to authenticate with Twitter. And finally, TweetSharp is no