In my previous post, I provided a quick overview of three basic concepts of RabbitMQ: exchange, routing keys and queues. In this post, I will explain how to wire it all together. What are the different types of exchanges? There are four types: fanout, direct, topic and headers. They allow for increasing levels of filtering. An exchange will dispatch its messages to queues that have the correct bindings defined. Wait, what is a binding? A binding is the connection between

Recently, a colleague and I were looking into RabbitMQ and the different types of exchanges, how they work with bindings and queues, etc. One thing that took us some time to grasp is the different types of exchanges, so for a general introduction, here’s an overview. What is an exchange? An exchange is just the endpoint an application can publish to. It is not the message, the message name, or anything else. Multiple types of messages can be published to