I’m really a fan of Metalsmith, which I’ve written about before. It’s super easy to get up and running, and the syntax is simple too. Also nice, is the fact that it doesn’t choose between configuration or code. You can use either a JSON file or Node. At a certain point in time, you’re likely to need something that nobody has written a Metalsmith plugin for yet. This is probably more true now, when it’s still quite early days for

In my previous post on Metalsmith, I explained how to get up and running with Metalsmith. I used a metalsmith.json configuration file. But it is also possible to use a javascript file and let NodeJS run it. Take this metalsmith.json file for example: { “source”: “src”, “destination”: “build”, “plugins”: { “metalsmith-drafts”: true, “metalsmith-markdown”: true, “metalsmith-layouts”: { “engine”: “handlebars”, “partials”: “partials” } } } This can be mapped to the following javascript file: var Metalsmith = require(‘./node_modules/metalsmith’), drafts = require(‘./node_modules/metalsmith-drafts), markdown

Being a consultant, I am now the owner of a (humble) company. And a company should have a website, no? But this website doesn’t need to many bells and whistles, and I’m keeping my blog at www.petermorlion.com, so a static html website would do. I know about Jekyll, but it’s Ruby and I’m on Windows, and I know it’s possible, but it’s a bit of a hassle. I took a look at Brunch but it’s more of a general-purpose tool.