A while ago, a colleague asked how I tracked all the information that’s coming in: Twitter, RSS, Facebook, blogs, podcasts,… It’s easy to drown in all the information if you want. I won’t pretend I have the ultimate strategy, but here’s what I do. Facebook I’m not on Facebook for a variety of reasons (mainly this), but I don’t miss it. So that’s one information-source less to deal with. Twitter This has been my usage of Twitter: Ignore the hype

I’ve written about learning in the past, and how I’ve given up a bit on user group sessions. In my case, I learn more when I get behind my computer and write some code myself. But when Team4Talent offered me to attend Techorama, I didn’t turn it down. I know people have opinions on some of the ‘celebrity’ developers in Belgium. But say what you want, organizing something like Techorama is a feat not everyone can pull off. So congrats