Being a consultant, I am now the owner of a (humble) company. And a company should have a website, no? But this website doesn’t need to many bells and whistles, and I’m keeping my blog at, so a static html website would do. I know about Jekyll, but it’s Ruby and I’m on Windows, and I know it’s possible, but it’s a bit of a hassle. I took a look at Brunch but it’s more of a general-purpose tool.

Update This post is no longer up to date, as you can now bind to the files attribute of your input element: <input type=”file” files.bind=”files” /> This would bind to the files property of your viewmodel. This was the original post: I’m getting up to steam with Aurelia and really like it. One thing that is missing, though, is one-way databinding from view to viewmodel. There is a GitHub issue for it, so I suspect this will be included at

Apparently, when you set the width of a textbox, most browsers will add some pixels to it. I’m not entirely sure why they do this, but it can differ between browsers. To avoid this, you need to set the border of your textbox in CSS, and even then, you still need to subtract two pixels. I made some fiddles to demonstrate what happens and how to solve it. This is our initial problem: So we set our border in CSS