Git rebase and autosquash

This may not be new to you, but I recently discovered another cool feature of Git. Rebasing with the autosquash option allows me to keep a clean log with minimal effort. I’ve written about interactive rebasing before. This makes it even easier. Interactive Rebasing You want to do an interactive rebase when you have a […]

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Advanced Git Commands: Rewriting History

Editorial note: I originally wrote this post for ASPE. You can check out the original here, at their site. When developers use Git, they often use a combination of a graphical user interface and the command line. A GUI has a low barrier to entry, but many of us want to leverage the power that […]

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Pull Requests aren’t a Policing Strategy

Pull Requests have become a well-known concept in open-source projects, not in the least thanks to GitHub. But pull requests are also finding their way to the enterprise and closed-source projects. Making pull requests part of your team’s workflow might require some changes to your daily routine, but it will result in better code and […]

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Trunk based development

Update: This is an old article that helped us at the time, using a centralized version control system (Subversion). We created our own branching strategy, which I would heavily advise against these days. The issue with making up your own branching strategy is that, like most not-invented-here solutions, you’re probably not going to be smarter […]

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Git, TortoiseGit and (Putty) SSH keys for Windows

Okay, I finally got Git to work. Here’s the necessary steps, after having installed msysgit and TortoiseGit. First, create the local repository. You’ll get a notification that an empty repository was created. You can now use the repository to track your changes. But of course, you want to push this stuff to a server, as […]

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Git and SSH keys

Git can be quite confusing in the beginning, especially coming from a subversion background. But once you’ve got it running, you realize it’s quite easy:install msysgitoptionally install something like TortoiseGitnow you need to create an SSH key, which is explained on the TortoiseGit site for Linux, but for Windows, it’s a little harder:open command prompt […]

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