Here’s a small tip that people don’t often do enough, in my opinion. When developers create some class, variable, or other piece of code that warrants some explanation, many of them add a comment: This is fine if it helps other developers understand what is going on. But it requires them to navigate to the actual file to read the info. One step better is to make these kind of comments available to the autocomplete/Intellisense feature of your IDe/editor: Now

I have had a theory for some time that TODO comments in code remain there (almost) forever. They serve to appease the conscience of the developer, but they mostly are forgotten. But I wanted to prove this with numbers. The Plan I needed a large source of code that I could analyze. And the largest source out there is GitHub. So the idea is quite simple: find TODO comments in GitHub repositories use git blame to find out how long

I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, starting with a simple opinion on UML. In those 10 years, I’ve had productive and less productive years, in regards to writing. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting involved in HitSubscribe (by Erik Dietrich and his wife Amanda), allowing me to combine something I like with an advancement for my career. Here’s a recap of what I have already published. For Submain, I wrote an article titled Commented Out Code Is Junk