Publish something

This is a non-technical post to encourage people to, for once, not read a blog or watch a Pluralsight movie, but to write code. I read and watch stuff on coding a lot, but the reason I do is because I want to code. And now and then, you should code. You’ll find you’ll learn more […]

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Speed up development with snippets

Do you find yourself often writing the same pieces of code? I guess we all do: the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and the PropertyChanged method in WPF projects are one example. Unit tests more often than not have the same structure (at least on a per-project basis). Visual Studio’s snippets functionality can speed up your work in […]

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Trunk based development

Update: This is an old article that helped us at the time, using a centralized version control system (Subversion). We created our own branching strategy, which I would heavily advise against these days. The issue with making up your own branching strategy is that, like most not-invented-here solutions, you’re probably not going to be smarter […]

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Coding pet peeves

This was a blog post I had lying around, waiting to be posted. This post on code smells on the All Your Base Are Belong To Us blog reminded me of it. So here goes. Everyone has coding pet peeves. Pieces of code they can’t resist the urge to change when they see it. Of […]

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