ngEurope: recap

I’ve finished all my posts on ngEurope, so here’s a small recap. The conference itself was very decent, with some minor hiccups. Kudos to the organizers, and I hope to be able to attend it again. The sessions and speakers were very good, and it was really interesting (dare I say inspiring?) to see all […]

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ngEurope: $q and promises

If you’ve dabbled with AngularJS, it’s very likely you’ve encountered $q. At ngEurope, there was a session devoted to $q, which gave a good overview of what it can do. The ‘old way’ of doing asynchronous programming in javascript, is to use callbacks. But when your application becomes more complex, this leads to nested callbacks, […]

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ngEurope: Software Patterns and Design

This session went into some of the patterns you see out there. A quick summary: Services: these are injected singletons. They’re an ideal place to cache application-level data, as a facade for the browser and third-party API’s, or factories for instantiating other objects. Databinding: this is just an implementation of the observer pattern. Inheritance for […]

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ngEurope: Angular and accessibility

At ngEurope, Marcy Sutton’s session on accessibility was one of the sessions I looked forward to most. Accessibility is something we often forget. While screenreaders and other tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so are our websites and applications. And it’s worth it to invest some time in accessibility, because everyone should be able to use […]

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ngEurope: Angular 2.0 Core

To really learn about the changes in Angular 2.0 Core, I recommend you watch the video of the presentation: Here are some things I noted: There is still HTML templating, but some ng- attributes have gone away. The following examples were given: <button (click)=”doSomething()”>Go</button><input [value]=””> I’m not sure what the difference is between the () […]

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ngEurope: Angular from scratch

One of the most impressive sessions at ngEurope was Matthieu Lux programming Angular from scratch. He **literally **started with an empty html file and coded in the javascript for databinding. His full demo can be seen on YouTube and is very much worth looking at. It will help you understand the ‘magic’ behind Angular (even […]

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