Personal projects

In my personal time, I love coding on personal projects. These range from playing around with a technology/framework I want to learn, to an application someone needs. Some of these little projects actually make it beyond a proof-of-concept. Small and insignificant as they may be, I'm very proud of finishing these and having them in the real world.

This is just a selection. For all my work, you can browser my GitHub repositories.


A (Dutch) Windows Phone app to see which fruit and vegetables are ecological to buy, based on the current month.
Also available in French.


A Windows Phone app to take photos that are 'pixelated', just like in the days of old PC graphics. The nice thing is the pixelation is done on the fly, so you see the result immediately. No filters after the fact.

A native Android app for remedial teachers/speech therapists to show words that patients have to say as quickly as possible. This tests and trains reading words correctly. The special thing here is that the app is not meant to be like a game. The black text on white background is a deliberate choice, decided in cooperation with a remedial teacher/speech therapist.

Gentle Ultimate

I'm currently maintaining a Drupal-based website for my Ultimate Frisbee team, Gentle Ultimate. I've also developed some custom modules: GentleSaldo and GentleTeams.


An Angular and ASP.NET MVC app to track bettings (without money) between friends during the World Cup 2014.