End of the Year

Another Year Has Passed

At the end of every year, I write a post to look back at the year that has passed, and forward to the year that will come. I’ve been doing this since the end of 2013. So here’s this year’s end-of-the-year-post. 2018 In 2017, I helped launch Peergroups. This website is still running, but we’ve […]

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Time to look back and forward again!

Another year has past, and as always, I’ll do a quick overview of what happened. I’ll also look at what will happen, making silly predictions and statements about what I will do in the next year. Predictions and statements that usually don’t come to fruition, because, well things happen and interests change. 2017 Peergroups 2017 […]

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How the time flies

Another year has passed, and so I look back at my goals and set new ones. For 2016, I had set less specific goals, but I had also set some goals I hadn’t mentioned. Maybe because I was scared to put them out there publicly and have to admit later that I hadn’t achieved any […]

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Looking back and forward once again

Proud fact: this month, I start my 9th year of blogging. That means I’ve been at it for 8 years. My first post was on Blogger and was about UML. Since then, my writing has definitely improved and become more focused, mainly on .NET and more recently javascript. I enjoy writing, but can’t always find […]

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2014 is so 2014

Another year has past, and I suspect many bloggers will be making lists of what happened in 2014 and what will happen in 2015. And so will I, but I’ll keep it short. These lists are actually quite handy, because they allow you to keep track of what your goals are and whether or not […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

This is a short post, partly for self-reflection, partly for you to enjoy. In the beginning of 2013, I decided for myself that instead of attending to speaker sessions on a certain technology, I would spend that time actually using said technology. In the past, I found a lot of user group sessions in my […]

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